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A + B = C is the digital research studio of Aidann Bowley and the moniker under which he develops generative and interactive art through creative coding. Antecedents for this are in dada, conceptual, minimal and non-representational art, but also in contemporary graphic design and internet art.

The name

An algebraic formula that distils the creative process. At its most basic: some thing plus an other thing becomes a new thing. The combination of two different things gives birth to a third thing, different to its parents. A + B = C is about sharing that new thing and exploring visual manifestations of those combinations through software.


Earlier work from 2001–2 is available in the Archive. It needs the Flash plugin to work, so you won't be able to experience it if you're using iOS.

Service +

Commercial applications

Art, design and code combine to create structural systems that generate images or provide the engines for interactive experiences. Experimentation and research underpin our process and lead to deeper understanding, innovation and opportunity.

Collaborative relationships with forward-thinking and progressive clients produce engaging and attractive results: generative graphics, interactive pieces, installations, data visualisations, interface design (for website or app), dynamic brand identities, moving images, games and more.

Interested in working together? Let us know.

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Would you like to license imagery, commission a piece, collaborate on a project, or share an idea? Let us know.

hello@aplusbequalsc.com (preferred)
+44 (0)1584 778008

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